Located at 30-32 Sir John Rogerson’s Quay, Tropical Fruit Warehouse skillfully combines a rejuvenated historical structure, once a hub for tropical fruit imports, with a striking new six-story addition featuring a double basement. The entire development spans 85,000 sq.ft., presenting an impressive waterfront presence.


Client : IPUT
Service : Commercial
Architect : Henry J Lyons
Quantity Surveyor : KSN
Structural Engineer : Torque Consulting Engineers
Value : €54 million
Sustainability Accreditation : LEED Platinum
Wide view picture of Tropical Fruit Warehouse building

At the heart of this project is the meticulous restoration of the original warehouse. A standout feature is the integration of two modern, floating office levels that cantilever over the protected structure. This fully glazed, twin-skinned façade structure extends over the historic warehouse, offering sweeping views of the River Liffey.

The six-story extension is built on a robust steel frame starting at the ground level. It is enveloped in a unitised curtain wall system with a torch-on felt roof. Underneath, a reinforced concrete double-basement was constructed, involving detailed secant-piling, excavation, and off-site material removal.

The rear six-story block follows standard construction techniques. However, the work on the historic warehouse presented unique challenges, including:

  • Careful removal and storage of natural slate tiles for later reuse.
  • Creating new openings in the masonry, salvaging and storing the original materials.
  • Temporary support structures for the warehouse walls and façade.
  • Off-site refurbishment of timber trusses, originally spanning 14m and weighing over 1000kg, for later reinstallation.
  • Piling across the warehouse’s footprint to support a new ground slab, beams, and footings.
  • Erecting a six-story reinforced concrete stair core using a jump form system.
  • Adding a two-story steel frame structure, cantilevered off the new core.
  • Installing the bespoke twin-skinned glazed façade.
  • Rebuilding and reinforcing sections of the warehouse’s perimeter masonry wall, including a structural steel core.
  • Restoring the refurbished trusses and installing the slate roof.

This fusion of historic preservation and modern innovation makes the Tropical Fruit Warehouse a landmark of architectural excellence and urban renewal.

Images curtesy of IPUT Real Estate.

Side picture of the tropical fruit warehouse facility.
The interior of the tropical fruit warehouse facility.