Limerick project welcomes RSA Shuttlebus

Limerick project welcomes RSA Shuttlebus

26 Feb 2024

We recently hosted the Road Safety Authority Shuttlebus on one of our Limerick projects – an interactive resource that brings road safety education to life and part of their #VisionZero campaign.

Inside the shuttle, our team got to experience realistic road scenarios using simulators and virtual reality headsets. From simulating hazardous road conditions to understanding the impact of braking and road speeds, it was an eye-opening experience on the importance of safe driving.

The technology onboard, including car, motorbike, and bicycle simulators, offered our staff a hands-on approach to sharpen their driving and hazard perception skills. The day was packed with essential lessons:

  • The risks of texting while driving and driver fatigue.
  • Testing reaction times with the brake reaction timer, illustrating how speed and environment affect braking distances.
  • Understanding tyre safety, and emphasising that tyres are our sole contact with the road.

Our team walked away with invaluable insights into driving safer on our roads. Thank you to the RSA and our EHS team for organising this initiative.

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